New Pirate Game

Hi guys I need feedback for my game Pirate Battles. It is a parody game of Pirate Wars and its supposed to be better. I need feedback on the gameplay. I also want to know if my game would lag on lower end devices. Pirate Battles (13+ PVP, MOBILE COMPATIBLE) - Roblox


Its quite nice! And though I didn’t play for long, I liked it.

Here’s my feedback:

  • Improve texturing on ships! It looks quite strange with the texture going in different directions to other areas/parts.

  • Please put actual water, it would make it less annoying, due to the size of the map*, unless that’s what you’re going for, I’m pretty sure pirate wars didn’t

  • Possibly shrink down the map, its quite time consuming, though not taking too long, it felt like a little while.

  • Add a shop, where you can buy weapons/tools.

This game definitely has potential in my eyes, well done!



What do you mean by actual water? Do you mean terrain water?

Sorry I should have specified, In a way I do mean terrain water, or water from parts, but that was just a suggestion, and up to you whether added or not.

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Ok thank you. Do you think players should be able to swim in the water?

Yeah, I think it would make it more interesting and fun in the long run

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I agree with @Dev_Lightz with the texturing, the two different wood textures look a little strange.
I would add some music or more sound effects to make the game less dull. Also, the character skin color shouldn’t be changed to the team color, it looks very strange. Instead, you could make the clothes be the color of the team.

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Nice game, has a lot of potential and would recommend others to try it out.
Apart from some polish with the water, ambience and maybe a round system, I think the game just needs content.

  • More guns and items from the shop would be nice, perhaps a blunderbuss, 16th century grenades and healing potions.

  • A lunge attack for the sword, adding more depth to the combat

  • Extra islands with unique properties, maybe a harbour based island with unique ships it can spawn, or a temple type island

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Hi! I’ve given your game a go and I’ve come up with some suggestions to help improve it.
First of all, I love it. I think the game is really charming and I enjoyed sailing around.

You stated in your original post that the game was originally designed to recapture the essence of Pirate Wars, a classic. The game definitely feels more responsive and more intuitive than it, but in my opinion, does not improve on the shortcomings of Pirate Wars. Namely in three aspects;

  • Gameplay
  • Visual Design
  • Sound Design

What I disliked most about Pirate Wars was the clunky method of combat and overall amount of work on the player’s end for reward and in fairness, you’ve done a good job making it easier to get around things mainly with the use of proximity prompts, but here are a handful of things I feel could use some attention;

  1. Overall gameplay wise, good, simple, fun! I’d get rid of the big fort island outright, it divides players and makes it difficult for either side to make any progress. A single capture point means teams are stuck in a tug of war over it.

  2. Add some kind of swimming mechanic. In Pirate Wars, the end of your ship means the end of your run, which is super frustrating. I understand that it keeps teams in balance, but half the fun is boarding an enemy Pirate Ship with your teammate and battling valiantly to overthrow it.

  3. For the size of the map you have built, I think the ships travel one or two notches and turn two or three too slow. I think they travel too slow because you spend ages getting anywhere and I think they turn too slow because they move faster than they turn. This means if a ship is either infront or behind someone else, it is impossible for the ship at the disadvantage to turn fast enough to respond.

I’m going to go off on a bit of a tangent here,
It is clear to me that Pirate Battles was designed visually to replicate the simplistic look of Pirate Wars but modernized with a more timeless, cartoonish feel. A great idea! I think though that there is a mismatch between the texturework and the modelwork. Pirate Wars, when it was built, was restricted to the limitations of the roblox build engine back in the day, which lead to pretty much everything being made of cubes. The standart, studded textures employed insinuated this blocky-ness.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you came up with a new design scheme that better reflected the feel of the game in it’s current state. I would look for inspiration in similar projects in the genre. It would serve to improve the look of the game, giving it it’s own uniqueness, whilst preserving the feeling of playing Pirate Wars.

I think it is underestimated just how important sound design is in video games. It’s amazing how devoid of life a game can feel without sounds and not just in the traditional sense in relation to sound effects and button prompts and the like. Even generic background ambience is massively important for selling the illusion of an immersive environment. There are a whole range of ways to implement soundscape. I think it would be ace to look for some ocean and wind ambience. You could even go dynamic with it and have the ocean ambience slowly fade out as you go further inland for example.

Other than those few things, I think you’ve made a great game, I would definitely recommend it and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


I love the concept of the game! Reminds me of the ones I use to play in 2016

  • Maybe make a tutorial on how the game works
  • Can you please make the basic boat a little bit faster?
    It’s like 4 points away from the normal robloxian walk speed

I am planning to make a guide for new players. I think i will increase the Basic boat’s speed a little bit.