New Portal Area for a future update in my game. How is it? (Made using only roblox studio parts)

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Looks pretty nice!

Ik this is a bit off topic but how did you get the “builder” next to your name?

I would say to try to design the area and the portal a bit more.

Alright I will do that! About how to get the “builder” next to your name I am not sure on that

I mean like this:

But anyways glad to help!


Uhhh, join a devforum group:

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adding so i can pass limit

Hi, honestly i think is a bit simple, but try making this

  • Make Bigger the area

  • Add decoration (like plants)

  • And also i recommend the variation of the materials

I make plants like… you put a circle and then you add cilinders to appear like bamboo, or you can variate that

but its nice! :+1:t2:


It looks nice but it needs more detail maybe add a particle emitter oe maybe change its color slightly maybe make it transparent. Also the outer edges of the portal (the frame) looks weird and doesnt really fit with a portal this is all my opinion and you can do it however you want.