How to Get Into a DevForum Group (like a profession beside your name)

I know a lot of people want the tag “Builder, Programmer, Artist, Modeler, Web Developer, etc”. I could list all day, but thats not why I’m here.
So many people want these and I haven’t found any efficient topics explaining how to get it, so here you go.

The most common way is by going to preferences, and change title.
However there is a (in my opinion) better way.

Now, go to here: DevForum | Roblox

You should see a lot of groups, some you can’t get into.
Most you can though.

Now, -“How do I join?”
“What should I join?”
Well, are you a scripter? Then you should join Programmer group.
(Programmers - DevForum | Roblox)

Maybe your a builder, then join this one.
(Builders - DevForum | Roblox)

There are plenty of other ones that can fit your specifics.
Builders, Programmers, Artists, Animators, Web Developer, Modeler, Game Designers, UI Designers, Composers, Translators/Foreign Developers, and more!

Now, your name looks like this (Builder as example): image

I hope this post helps you, thanks for reading!