New portfolio (outdated)

Heyyyy! I’m Corey, a 14 year old graphic designer. I’ve been doing GFX for about… 8 months now, while i’ve been doing graphic design for about a year and a half now. I’m not the best, but i’m pretty decent and offer low prices. I can make menus, advertisements, game-icons, thumbnails, scenery photos, logos, discord icons, banners, etc.

Notable People I’ve Worked For


Game Icons

Advertisements and Banners

Thumbnails. misc


My pricing is as follows. I accept USD, group payouts and t-shirt purchases, but you are responsible for the 30% taxed amount. I also do not negotiate or trade.
Game-Icons - 80 robux | $0.50
Banners, Advertisements - 90 robux | 0.60
Logos, Menus - 90 robux a piece | $0.60
Thumbnails - 100 robux | $0.75
Scenery - 110 robux | $1.00

I have my limitations. I cannot make icons and thumbnails as great as professionals, but I can do decent pieces. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to DM me on discord, coreyyy#0001.

I’m available for commissioning during 12:00-6:00 PM EST all week. Don’t hesitate to DM me. It will take me around 1-3 days to complete a piece depending on the detailing.

That’s really it, thank you for reading!


he is very good at his job he is fast and his job is great if you are looking for a good cheap gfx he is the ideal

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Cheap, quick, and the result was perfect!