New private audio assets have granted permissions to random experiences

Reproduction Steps

1. Upload a new audio asset from Roblox Studio’s Asset Manager
2. View the asset’s configuration on the Creator Dashboard
3. Check the Experiences with Access section

Expected Behavior

I expect only the experience I was editing in Roblox Studio when uploading the asset to have permission to use the audio.

Actual Behavior

Two random experiences that I have no relation to also have access, and I can’t revoke their access either. This doesn’t occur when uploading from the website, as no experiences have access outright when uploading from there.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:[audio asset id]/configure
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


I uploaded an audio on Jan 14th and didn’t get random games in the list. That bug may have started after this date, but I can’t test that right now. Can you check if this is happening on a new, fresh account?

This seems to be happening with audio that I upload under a group in Studio. Here is another audio that I’ve never made public a couple years ago and has 2 random people in the permissions list.

Hi! I just tried the steps mentioned in the post and not able to reproduce the issue. To track down the issue, can you may be provide a recording of the issue?

Also, can you please elaborate on what steps you meant by upload under a group in Studio?

Hi, I’ve attached a recording of me uploading a sound asset using the Bulk Import tool in Studio, which is what I meant by “upload under a group in Studio” then checking the permissions of the newly uploaded audio right after. This might be a Studio bug since I’ve been unable to upload any audio assets with a group as the creator through the website.

After some more investigating, it looks like this is only happening with my audio assets uploaded under a group. All the assets that have been uploaded in the past under my user itself don’t have any experiences with permissions since I haven’t used them since the change to audio permissions, yet assets created under a group all have two random experiences that have permission to use them.

Uploaded in 2019 under my user account

Uploaded in 2020 under a group

Thanks for the repro steps. We will look into the this and get back to you.

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I just had the same issue. I uploaded them via the Roblox website to my group, and pasted it into an sound instance in a game under my profile (this seemed to give that place permission automatically). Not even 5 minutes later these 2 random players experiences have access. These are brand new audio files.

I uploaded the same audio file, expect this time under my profile. Pasting them into a sound instance like before and do not get the issue.

Seems like any audio file uploaded under a group grants permissions to at least 2 other users.

Also it’s the same 2 players every time for me, if that helps.

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I’m getting the same issue! brand new audio uploaded to my group via the asset manager in studio, access granted to 2 random experiences.