New private audio assets have granted permissions to random experiences

Reproduction Steps

1. Upload a new audio asset from Roblox Studio’s Asset Manager
2. View the asset’s configuration on the Creator Dashboard
3. Check the Experiences with Access section

EDIT: Added video of reproduction steps since DevForum eventually breaks video embeds, which is another bug to report in itself

Expected Behavior

I expect only the experience I was editing in Roblox Studio when uploading the asset to have permission to use the audio.

Actual Behavior

Two random experiences that I have no relation to also have access, and I can’t revoke their access either. This doesn’t occur when uploading from the website, as no experiences have access outright when uploading from there.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:[audio asset id]/configure
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


I uploaded an audio on Jan 14th and didn’t get random games in the list. That bug may have started after this date, but I can’t test that right now. Can you check if this is happening on a new, fresh account?

This seems to be happening with audio that I upload under a group in Studio. Here is another audio that I’ve never made public a couple years ago and has 2 random people in the permissions list.


Hi! I just tried the steps mentioned in the post and not able to reproduce the issue. To track down the issue, can you may be provide a recording of the issue?

Also, can you please elaborate on what steps you meant by upload under a group in Studio?

Hi, I’ve attached a recording of me uploading a sound asset using the Bulk Import tool in Studio, which is what I meant by “upload under a group in Studio” then checking the permissions of the newly uploaded audio right after. This might be a Studio bug since I’ve been unable to upload any audio assets with a group as the creator through the website.

After some more investigating, it looks like this is only happening with my audio assets uploaded under a group. All the assets that have been uploaded in the past under my user itself don’t have any experiences with permissions since I haven’t used them since the change to audio permissions, yet assets created under a group all have two random experiences that have permission to use them.

Uploaded in 2019 under my user account

Uploaded in 2020 under a group

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Thanks for the repro steps. We will look into the this and get back to you.



I just had the same issue. I uploaded them via the Roblox website to my group, and pasted it into an sound instance in a game under my profile (this seemed to give that place permission automatically). Not even 5 minutes later these 2 random players experiences have access. These are brand new audio files.

I uploaded the same audio file, expect this time under my profile. Pasting them into a sound instance like before and do not get the issue.

Seems like any audio file uploaded under a group grants permissions to at least 2 other users.

Also it’s the same 2 players every time for me, if that helps.


I’m getting the same issue! brand new audio uploaded to my group via the asset manager in studio, access granted to 2 random experiences.


This is happening to me as well. It seems like it’s always the same set of games when you upload to the same group, which is strange. Is it trying to grant access to the group’s games but using some internal ID instead of the actual universe ID, maybe?


I’m seeing the same thing. This is really kind of not great since permissions cannot be revoked.

I didn’t even notice this was happening until I went to the creator dashboard. But same as others, it’s when I upload audio as a Roblox Group and it’s always the same other experiences that get added to the permissions list.


This is probably what’s happening. I would think that access for the asset would be shared with the group’s creations, but something is probably goofing up and picks random users’ default experience instead.

Happening to me tho

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This bug is happening to my audios as well

Configure Audio:

Creator Dashboard:

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Hi @seyai. This issue has been investigated and rest assured, there are no other experiences that have access to your audio asset. This is a frontend related bug. A fix should be pushed out later today. I will update you as soon as it is live.



@seyai_one please let me know if the issue has been resolved. A fix was recently pushed.


Just checked and it looks good to me. Thank you for the update!

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