New Profile Picture Commission

Any feedback?


The hair is in a weird spot. Scarf going through character. Overlays don’t match.


I can’t do anything for his character I tried moving some parts but it would still look weird.

Than delete the hair and scarf completely

Don’t go so harsh on him, he didn’t make this avatar y’know. It’s a commission he made, for someone who chose the avatar. Also I think he has done a great job! The overlays do infact match.


I think you read it differently, as I read it. I didn’t mean it in a hurtful way, I was just trying to say delete the scarf and hair.

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My bad, I’m sorry. I may have misunderstood it as you just said. Have a good day!

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Doesn’t that remove the purpose of the profile picture entirely? At that point it would just be a Doge head left, which removes the recognizable features of the user this is for. In the end its their avatar and I personally think the commissioner would be content with it.