New property: Model.Visible

Yeah, that’s actually a problem with this method I just realized. I am currently trying to find a way to fix that.

I believe you can parent it to a ViewportFrame that has existed since the last frame and then reparent it to its original parent.

I don’t really understand what you mean. But I figured out that if you parent the Part to something like Lighting and then back to its original parent, it will be visible again.

Bump, this would be an amazing alternative to, for example a for loop that checks if it’s a part, meshpart, etc and changes its transparency to 1. Scripting would be made a lot easier in that specific case. It would also be less resource demanding for larger models that lag the game.

Another day, another use-case!

I want to create a type of “ghost player” so dead players can spectate others but the living players shouldn’t be able to see the dead ones. This isn’t an M Night Shyamalan movie!

There is no way to do this nicely. I have to turn all character parts transparent. Then I have to account for things that aren’t parts but still show up like classic faces or particles.

Please engineers. Think of the possibilities.


There’s a lot of them. Convenience and optimization if absolutely nothing else.