[NEW] Reflection [BETA]

So after a bit of time I’ve created a unique ROBLOX Game based around a mirror. You have got to use this mirror to complete the course.

After recently showing my project to a friend he informed me that it’s very similar to a game already created by “TheMirrorGameCreator” , And I was probably a bit surprised and didn’t believe it, my idea and creation has already been made. But without thinking about it I carried on to create the game and decided to leave his name in the credits so it didn’t look like I was stealing, which I wasn’t having no clue of the games existence.

Anyways I’ve posted this here to show my creation and ask for feedback, suggestions etc.

Note: I have a plugin bug that seems to join the game, then randomly Teleport to a game named “Loading…” , I’ve emailed ROBLOX about the bug and waiting for a responce. - Just so you know I didn’t purposely put it there or intend to have it there, there’s no way I can remove it other than contacting ROBLOX about the bug.

Also the game only has 2 Levels as of now which are simple, it’s just a example of what the game will become.

Reflection [BETA]


I quickly played this and it’s pretty neat. I see you commented about someone else making a game like this and I wouldn’t worry about it. I would only worry about it if your games were the same thing. You could do many things with this game mechanic. One thing I noticed was that the levels were not detailed, but as a proof of concept, it’s neat and works except for one bug.

The first level was nice and easy but the second level was a tad hard for me due to determining depth on the other end trying to make my jumps. Also something else I tried was moving my camera into the “mirror” and it kinda breaks the immersion when you do since it of course goes on the other side of the part. I don’t know if there’s any way to fix that.

For the most part, this is a solid idea, might be a tad frustrating with more complex levels but it could work. The one bug I found was the reflection of my body.

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Yeah, the bug with morphs is a bit weird, I can’t seem to fix it and don’t know how to make it so that you have to play as 1.0 Body morph, but yeah thanks for the feedback.

My initial thought about that issue would be to clone their clothes / attachments / face on load like you seem to do for the mirrored version, and clone that onto a 1.0 Body Morph. Then you have to replace the player’s model with that one. That’s my first guess but there may be better ways to do it.

Not so sure, but at the moment it isn’t a performance issue only a visual issue.

When you reset your dead reflection stays.

Yeah it’s weird but, I’m going to remove the option to reset soon.