New Retro Experience Coming Soon! (Desert Update) Pt. 3 out of 4

Hi everyone! I’m currently working on a new game called “Conquest!”
And today I’ll be showcasing the new Desert Update!

What is Conquest?

Conquest! is a retro style game about working together with 2 or more players each team. Each team will be assigned with a partner or more, 4 taverns and 2 farms which is a way to earn money and food. The money can be used to build more towers/buildings or upgrade the defense. Food can be used to buy troops/units to fight other teams. Explore the map, and gather resources to strengthen their team. And become the best explorers!

Past Topic

New Retro Experience Coming Soon! Pt. 2.5 out of 4

Teasers & Information

  • These are the new traps called “Spikes”
  • It will be a Tier 1 Trap
  • It does damage to enemies when they touch the spikes


  • These are the new traps called “Landmine”
  • It will be a Tier 2 Trap
  • It will slowly hides itself overtime, when enemies step on it, it will release a deadly surprise.

When to Expect the Game to be finished?

The game’s release date will vary over time. I’m deeply sorry that I didn’t make it up in time I know it should be release at the beginning of this month. What I do know is, it will be finished once the fourth topic is posted (about 2 weeks). Updates in the game will be long since there’s only one person working on this project. Don’t worry, I will promise you that the game link will be posted later on and you will have a chance to see it yourself.

If you have any suggestions, questions, ideas, or feedback please feel free to reply below. As more of the game develops.


Cool! Seems like a good idea. especially when im wearing my NOSTALGIA GOGGLES. these things suck I don’t know why everyone talks about em. I mean, sure its a cool game. but old Roblox had more limitations. and you trying to make a game in the style of old Roblox is cool!

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Cool looks great :smiley:!
I have a quick suggestion.
What if you made an event card kind of like monopoly!

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Thanks for your suggestion, but what do you mean by a Event Card?

Here’s a example every turn the player must draw a card which would do something crazy like maybe a food shortage or more troops given to the enemy.

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