New Ro-Phone model

Hey there! Recently I was playing around in blender and made an Ro-Phone, now I kid you not this only took 10 minutes so I’m not calling it godly, just wanted to show how cool it looked haha!


What do you mean by this not looking godly? Bro I thought this was real a few seconds!

Great work!

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I phone 8 button + I phone 11 cameras = Roblox phone

Awesome. Looks better than something I would make in 1 hour. Keep up the good work

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How did you render such great reflections? The materials look absolutely lovely.

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this legit looks like a IRL Mobile device, incredible

hands down the best how is it even possible

wow this looks good, thought it was an actual photo for a sec lol

these smart phones are getting out of hand, back in my day we had phone boxes!