New Roblox captchas are impossible

Hello, I am currently unable to log into my Roblox account because of the dice addition captcha. I have tried logging in numerous times on different browsers, and have someone else double-checking my math, but each time after completing 20 questions, it tells me I have made a mistake. I was able to log in earlier today without being given the captcha, but now I cannot get past the captcha to log in.

Besides the issue of not being able to complete the captcha without the “you made a mistake” message, there are other issues:

  1. In some of the images, the dice are illegible. The dice are out of frame or blurred.
  2. It asks you to complete WAY too many questions. There is no reason why someone should have to complete 20 questions, each with 6 images requiring them to add up dice faces, in order to log into their account.

Hopefully this captcha gets fixed soon. I can imagine many other people are having this problem.

The reason why these captchas are getting harder is because bots are becoming smarter and therefore eventually it is going get to the point where captchas aren’t gonna really work anymore to prevent bots. Really the best you can hope for is that you wait for a little bit before trying to login again.

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Yeah, the scary thing is that if AI is basically the same as our brains, AI will be able to solve captchas at one point or another.

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