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New ROBLOX Infantry Corps - Structuring of the Command Staff

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This document covers the Structuring of the Command Staff, This document will not only help the members of New ROBLOX Infantry Corps : Command Staff, but it will also help the Enlisted & Officer’s understand the actual structure of the Command Staff to help ease our workflow and possibly reduce problems from happening within the group.

What is the Command Staff?

The command staff of New ROBLOX Infantry Corps is the team of leaders who handle events such as, Training’s, Patrols, Raids and so forth.

The Command Staff also handles promotions of members within the Infantry this can be done in multiple ways, the Infantryman/woman has shown great skill in something or had proven themselves in some way to progress throughout our ranks.

Structure of the Command Staff

Some of you may be wondering, What is the “Structure” of the Command Staff in New ROBLOX Infantry Corps, The structure is simple.

  • The following is the ranks of the Command Staff from Highest to Lowest.
    • Commander
    • Chief of Staff
    • Adjutant General
    • Warrant Officer
    • General
    • Colonel
    • Lieutenant Colonel

Day to Day operations of the Command Staff

The day to day part of this regulations form will list the responsibilities of the High Ranks in their duties in assisting the corps

  1. Participate and host group activities

    • Join meetings, ensure that you are actively representing your troops.
    • Host events when there are down times, ensure that the corps are always growing and having fun.
    • Host training’s to ensure that all members are actively engaged with the troops.
  2. Keep watch

    • Actively watch every member who is in NRIC, or who has potential to join.

    • Always use training’s and events to see who stands out.

    • Always work to personally involve yourself with the members, message them & communicate always so they feel engaged with the group.

  3. Set the example

    • Always be on your best behavior, noting clearly when it is time to play, and when it is time to do work.
    • Always find members who set a good example, and note out the good job they are doing.
    • Always be patient in your resolve, rash thinking will result in people leaving NRIC due to your inability to lead.

Division Commanders

The way Divisional Commanders are handled within the Infantry is simple,

A Division can have one Junior Commander within a Division and then one Senior Commander.

The Senior Commander is always a Higher Rank then the Junior Commander, Most Junior Commanders for Divisions will start at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and progress from there.



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Source : New ROBLOX Infantry Corps : Documentation


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