New ROBLOX Infantry Corps - Three Pillars of the Infantry


New ROBLOX Infantry Corps - Three Pillars of the Infantry

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The Three Pillars are a summary of what makes New ROBLOX Infantry Corps unique, akin to other groups like it, or unlike it in the clan genre. By following these testaments, NRIC has remained a respected stronghold of integrity and aiming for perfection above all else.

The Pillars each work to support the weight of the Infantry, all holding equal weight and only together do they establish balance and order. By taking away any single pillar, balance is removed and the other pillars will collapse under the new found weight.


This can be characterized as obedience. In case you forgot, we are a military and it so happens you are a soldier of this military. When you’re given an order you are expected to carry it out regardless of your opinion on the matter. It would be foolish to expect our soldiers not to question actions they may disagree with - but it is your responsibility to keep this to yourself. In almost all instances, you must recognize the reason that this person is above you in the chain of command - experience. It is only with this experience can we gauge a proper response and it is your leader’s responsibility to organize this response, this will always factor into account the bigger picture and not the individual.


This ties in with discipline. Everyone in this group is apart of the same community. Together we represent NRIC, and without the community NRIC becomes meaningless. Everyone who participates in this community is your ally, a person you can depend upon. With this in mind, without respect, we cannot hope to establish a stable or thriving group. Without respect, we resolve to resent and become venomous to our own brothers in arms. We must be able to trust in our hierarchy, to understand that loyalty and experience are the two the highest forms of dedication and therefore earns unconditional respect. In the simplest of terms, your superiors outrank you because of this experience and loyalty they have accumulated - they were once in your position, your shoes - and do not deserve to be disgraced or disrespected as they have earned the respect that they expect. An example of this is to question your superiors orders privately in contrast to publicly; to undermine their word publicly is to disgrace the respect they deserve. To question it privately is respectful of the superiors public image and so can offer your advice and gain their own respect to you for having the maturity to do so behind closed doors. If nothing else, you would not want to be critiqued publicly by your superior and so should not critique your superior in this fashion.


Life isn’t easy and we don’t intend to make it easy for you either. Dedication is at the heart of all improvement, and as a member of NRIC we expect you to be dedicated to what you do.
Without dedication we cannot achieve any form of productivity, and this is unacceptable of a standing military! Only by showing your dedication can you demonstrate your loyalty.



WisconsinFireFighter, Commander, NRIC

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