New roblox materials does not load at the client

Hello developers!

You may know that recently our platform got 8 new materials, it is a good update, however once i join the game any new materials is basically turns into plastic. Do any of you had this issue too? Or maybe those materials are added only in the studio as demonstration?
The first screenshot was taken in studio:

And the second one was taken in the place:

I think it appears to be a kind of a bug, however did you guys have the same issue too?

They released in beta so you can test them out and find anything that should change before full release, so they are only available in studio for now.

Some roblox materials that are made will not show for some of the following reasons

  1. Roblox puts them out for beta (only devs can see)
  2. They have not fully gotten approved
  3. If the game is too laggy in very rare cases some roblox textures will not load at all this includes skyboxes