New Roblox ScaleTo() Bug

A new bug as of today seems to have crept into the ScaleTo() function for models where the character position slightly moves when the function is run.

I’m currently using the function to tween the scale of my character to shrink. This was working totally fine, but now the character moves while this happens. I even tried anchoring every part of the character and they still move no matter what.

I also run ScaleTo when my player picks up an item, which seemed fine at first, but now that I’m paying closer attention, it seems like there is a small hitch in the movement that was not there previously.

This one is very annoying, I lost my whole night to it, but I’m glad I was able to track it down.

EDIT: In case anyone runs into this, where you need to tween the size of your character. You can get around this by anchoring the character’s root part, then storing the CFrame, and finally setting the CFrame to that stored value everytime it scales. A little dirty and only works in the case where the character stands still. Still seeing a slight jerk in movement normally, would love if Roblox fixed this since it had been working for the last 5 months.

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Pretty sure this is the wrong category, should go in Bug Reports. If you aren’t eligible to post in that category then I’m not sure what you can do I’m afraid.

Not yet, took a good 5 months to be eligible here.

I’ll just be screwed in the meantime I guess!

I think I have a workaround, but it’s kinda dirty. Oh well.

I found the fix! You have to set the Primary Part of your character model to whichever part handles your main collision/mass (I have a custom character).

For god knows whatever reason this issue kicked in 5 months after the fact randomly. Marking as solution for anyone else that needs it. :slight_smile:

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