New Roblox Status bar Changes

I’m not sure If I’m missing something here … I have icons on the top status bar.
In the Roblox Studio the top Status bar has changed. After spending hours reconfiguring my menu icons (what a drag), the program when ran still has the old status bar configuration. So everything is off.

Is this something that is implemented in the studio but not the program when ran or did I miss some type of setting?

Really wish the Roblox icon top left wasn’t changed to a circle. My icons looked great and matched the look of that button with everything lined up nicely. Also don’t see the sense in having two ways to get to the menu with the new configuration. The report tab was always available from the default menu …

It seems the New UI really messed this up … somehow It got auto checked.
That enough testing beta stuff for me …

Side note: I really, really don’t like that new UI. Please don’t implement that.
A “modern look” is changing a square to a circle and placing the chat icon in a different menu?
I’m sure 1000’s of programs using the status bar for icons will be broken or crazy messed up.
Every single thing I’ve ever made in the last 3 years here will be, I know that. :frowning:

Also hide chat:
game:GetService(“StarterGui”):SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Chat, false)
Makes chat not open but still shows clickable icon in top left menu.


If your talking about the new default UI, Roblox is testing new Ui exclusively for studio. I think you can turn this off in ‘Beta Features’.


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