New RPG Game (Amaris)

Hey everyone, I recently talked about an RPG game on my other thread “What do you want to accomplish before Christmas?”. Well, this is that game! I recently released the game to the public for testing and would like to get some feedback before I fully release the game.

About the game:

Amaris is a fantasy-themed RPG game where you can travel to different realms, purchase over 100+ unique weapons ranging from swords and axes to bows and scepters, get armors, and defeat lots of different enemies. Here are a few screenshots:

And finally the game link!

Any form of feedback would be appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe test the game out.


Alright, it looks great! I have some feedback to give.

Alright, I’ll talk about the UI first. The UI doesn’t feel the same for each peace. The health feels very out of place and the UI is kind of big on the screen, which you can’t change either. It feels like they have different recurring themes for each peace of UI. Also when you go to an NPC for a challenge, you don’t really have an automated instinct on where to look.

Now, the lobby. The lobby feels very lifeless, and not just because there aren’t many players yet. There aren’t places that I look to that make me say, “WOW I WANT TO EXPLORE THIS RIGHT NOW!” And it seems that the lobby feels like a box that only exists for the players to enter the game. What you could do is have that gate to where the zombie are completely open! Also, make the gate wider! This would make people have anticipation in their mind on what to expect, and they have to keep playing in order to get that.
It’s all about expectation and reward on that expectation. If you can have people expect something about your game without having to really press many buttons, than you have then LOCKED! Also, add maybe like waterfalls and and beautiful views, just in the HUB! I recommend at looking at a game called World // Zero for some inspiration.

And probably last and not least, the game mechanics. The sword swinging animation feels the same, and from what I notice from playing for 5 minutes, that’s the only game mechanic for the sword. Add something like a dash or a dodge. And if you only take at least one thing from this reply, add more animations for the swinging of the sword.

That’s all I have! I think the game will be a bit better if you add some of these things!

Have a great one! :smiley:


Hello @Thebarrle!

As soon as I pressed that link the GFX was very unique and made me want to join the game to explore. The music matches the theme as soon as I load in. The GUI’s look nice and are lovely. The starting area I am in is nice but maybe review this picture below:

I’d remove this from the game as it is unneeded

The Goblin Archers are too much as you die a lot after trying to do a quest, I’d let the level 1-5 be easy then add them in.

It still needs improving and can get quite boring after a while.

Hopefully this supports you, good luck in your future endeavors as a developer on the platform! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the feedback! Il be sure to implement some of your suggestions.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I have gotten some suggestions to remove that gate so i’m definitely gonna remove it now.

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I see a nice use of Chrythm’s RPG kit, but it seems like you have no knowledge of scripting what’s so ever. This could be improved way more by removing unimportant things & implimenting new stuff instead off using default stuff from the kit it self which makes it looks kinda scuffed.

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Some New Minor Suggestions:

  1. In the tutorial screen, the “Begin” button is kinda unnoticeable as its at the far top right corner and pretty much gets blended in with other text there, making it hard to notice. Place it at the bottom centre with a bright color instead.
  2. The idle sword holding pose looks… bland and default roblox idle. Stylise it much more.
  3. Also about animation, the running animation has a weird inhuman style lol. While walking, both right leg and right hand are pointed forward instead of how a normal human walk should look like. Here, im pretty sure humans dont walk like this irl lol.

Thats it from me I guess. Overall, its a pretty nice game ngl. Just some minor suggestions that might make the player feel weird if not fixed. I’ll be playing the game again soon.
Good luck! :smile: