New Script Icon in tabs should correspond with Disabled

As a developer, it can be confusing to switch between scripts, and with the new addition of the script icon correlating with the type of script in the tab, this has helped immensely. While this feature is great, the script icon should also correlate with the Disabled property of a script.

Example of top bar with 2 scripts, 1 enabled and 1 disabled:

In explorer:

___Backpack should also grey out in the tab to help further improvements with quality of life.


ahh yeah nice, we will look into it


Howdy! Bumping this as this hasn’t been resolved or added for the new script icons inside studio as this has been bugging me around and a friend of mine for days now, is there any updates on this being added anytime soon into studio this week or the next update on studio?

Anyway, with the introduction of the new script icons for all the script classes’, it should involve it being disabled on/in the topbar whenever you disable a certain script inside Explorer / inside the place as this has been bugging me often with an upcoming project of mine, and with that, it is causing us extra time or minutes not recognizing or realizing that a script of ours is disabled in the Explorer section but not in the topbar.

It would be cool to add this to Roblox Studio as it would make my development workflow more efficient and could help out other developers in the community.


Thanks for following up! It has been filed internally, and hopefully, you’ll see it soon. No ETA as of now, but someone will post here once it has been released