New Script RunContext, Whats the difference between a Script running on Client and a LocalScript?

Hey so if you haven’t heard yet, theres this new thing on the “Script” Instances called RunContext. You can basically choose between “Client” and “Server”, which means a “Script” instance, which used to only run on server can now also run on client. That means you can put a “Script” thats running on client in workspace, and it would still run and it can do anything a “LocalScript” instance can. So my question is what would be the difference between the “LocalScript” and a “Script” running on client? what are local scripts even useful for now?


The Legacy ones (LocalScript for example) they will only run in specific containers.
The new ones will run everywhere.

There’s no difference other than the legacy ones only being able to run in specific containers, Roblox is keeping them for backward compatibility.


They can run in different containers (different parents) (Ex. If you use a script and put run context to client, it will run in rep storage and places that scripts normally don’t run) can you learn more about RunContext here on the Roblox docs page.

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