New Sneak Peak For My Teaser

Hey there! so I’ve been making this teaser for my upcoming game and I need some feedbacks for it so here it is!

for the full teaser we will add:

  • music
  • longer teaser

Notes that:
models, textures, particles are 100% made by me.

and feedbacks would be really appreciated!

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Great to see more editors on this forum

And the trailer is so good.

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Its actually my first time editing haha. Thanks for the compliment tho

hm i would put the chest in the middle to grab the player’s attention, and maybe make the shadow softer so it wouldn’t be so dark on the right.

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Looks pretty good! I recommend adding a maybe flash or somthing coming out of that box. I actually would love to see when it will be released!

Thanks, Fusion.

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Then this is an incredible start, what editor are you using?

I use Vegas pro 17.0

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For a small teaser trailer, its exquisite. If you add music and maybe some arms that swing back and forth, you would have basically a cinema quality teaser.

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This looks really nice! I like the animation on the splitting wall looks good!

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I used Adobe premeire pro to edit this video

cool , that’s literally better than mine

Still, good vid

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