New Spawn Stuff Update!


Everybody has been supporting my game recently!

The game is called Spawn Stuff, here is a link to the game: Spawn Stuff - Roblox

Recently i have made a massive update that changes the gameplay a little bit! I’ve added weapons and items in to the game to give the npcs a little taste of their own medicine!

There are currently 3 items, but i will add more! The weapons are ordered in categorys and have rarity’s based on the particles they project!

Currently there are 3 categories (a system that will tell you which category the weapon is, its very useless), there is Movement, Defense, and Miscellaneous. This update also adds a factory called “Marty’s Factory”, i really couldn’t think of a good name but yeah…

To access Marty’s Factory you need to find a keycard that will be spawned by the button, the items are hard to find but you will get to it! The factory is mostly for protection, i will add a better purpose for it later.

Npcs now spawn randomly around Baseplate (not literally), this means that you won’t expect the npc’s to give you a little suprise behind you :grin:. There are a few new events as well, like 2 house variations, a shack and a house!

I will still take feedback and suggestions from some of you, make sure you play the game first though!
I am also working on adding a shop and saving game data, i just need to learn a few things first of all.

Thank you for your time!

Cheers! :wink:


This is amazing I got a idea for the factory if the too pipes don’t have smoke coming out of them then maybe try to add some to make it more a factory.

idea for the factory : it spawns stuff like weapons depending on how much stuff YOU spawned

also your game is incredible as your an beginner scripter, its fun, cool, and unique, i wish i was like you but i’m not THAT creative

It’s fine if your not creative but at least you have a skill, scripting!
Thank you for you feedback though!