New Story Game Idea

Hello there! (I am not English related, so I hope whatever I write about makes sense… Thanks for understanding) I always loved story games like Horizon, God Of War etc. But I never found a good story game on Roblox. Of course there are a few, but they are short, and mostly horror game based, or they are something like dungeons and waves you have to survive. I decided to make a big project with just 1 scripter and probably in the future: Animators, modelers etc.

Story: The story will be about 2 kingdoms (from like 5 different kingdoms around the area: Ice, Desert, Grass, Jungle, Lava etc.) the 2 biggest kingdoms are about to go on a war. You as a warrior and very close to both kings want to prevent the war from happening. The kings blame each other of things that no one could have prevented (something happened in this world, what you of course will find out as well) So instead of proving them wrong you decide to go on an adventure to solve the problems.

Gameplay: The gameplay will mostly be based on adventure and combat. There are many type of enemy’s that all have their own special ability. You are able to learn each enemy and will try to defeat them to earn coins, gems and EXP. With exp, you can learn more combat skills, Fast travel skills and more. With cash and gems you can purchase more weapons, armor, potions etc. All to make the player stronger and stronger. Apart from combat, we have puzzles, parkour etc. to make the game feel more original at those places you will be able to find chests with rare stuff in it or maybe things that will help you on your adventure.

Here are some images of the game so far:


The reason of why I post this post is that I would love to hear you guy’s feedback or ideas for the game. Since there aren’t that many story games like this based on Roblox, it is something I have no experience with.

Thanks for reading!


i think, doens’t matter how the mechanic of the game is, if you create a good lore, with interesting characters and enviroment, it will be really nice,
[except users who just skip all the texts and lore to read while playing, i think they care only about the combat mechanic or something else]

Features that cause some impact:
-When you talk with some npc, he will trigger two events
You must choose one or another, each event has different impacts on lore or something else

-the player need freedom to explore as they wish, searching for hidden treasures or mysteries of the world



Hey Moleza,

Thank you for giving some ideas! Yes exactly for the people who are not interested in like cutscenes etc. they can just skip it and still go on a awesome adventure, We are indeed planning to add multiple choices once you talk to a NPC and indeed that can make the story different for example i had a idea at the start when you talk to the kingdom (where you don’t live) and you get to choose if you can be a bit… harsh to him or just a nice person and that will affect you in the future of how that king will treat you once you meet him.

And they will have all the freedom i am thinking on adding apart from the Main Story, Extra quests and raid quests like extra quests is helping out a farmer who has enemy’s ruining his harvest and for raid quests like a base that got taken over by the enemy’s and you have to claim it back for them.

I hope that those are nice ideas and thank you for your feedback!

I understand you! :smile:

The game is well made, I think the game could be fun

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This looks so exciting, I can’t wait to play this! Maybe you should add double jumping and sliding, also, is there going to be a custom character? Don’t forget to @ me when this comes out!

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@BandaidKidd Glad you like the idea! And yes we are definitely adding sliding and double jump. Same with more things you can learn in the skilltree gui maybe even 3 time jumps. And yes there will be costum characters that you will be able to pick at the start of the game (ofc you can chance it at maybe a clothing store in the main city for example) Apart from that think of: Armor, Backpacks and hats!