New Studio Beta: Attributes!

I second this! I would love to see “empty” instances that we set attributes for.


When will it fully release, is it ok for me to use beta features for my actual game?

This feature will be a big help for me! Thanks!

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Roblox just added custom object. Holy cow.


I love you. I can’t say anything but that. I have been waiting for this for AGES!

These are my questions: will adding an attribute edit all of the same instance? For example, if I add an attribute to a part, will it also add on to the other parts? Or is it restricted to just that one part? Having both options(maybe 2 functions, :SetAttribute and :SetInstanceAttributes).

A more in depth explanation here:

Suggested Features:

I don’t see object value in there, that would surely be helpful!

Will there be a FindAttribute or WaitForAttribute function? This would improve consistency and help shorten code.


I’m really glad they added this, makes things feel more professional


That is really nice and it is going to help developers a lot


wouldn’t storing jsoned arrays with string typing work?

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Gone are the days of just making values, now its not important to store values which is now useless on the other side can we get the table of attributes? in code

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Wow, this is great! This looks like it’ll be really useful.

  • CFrame
  • EnumItem
  • Instance
  • Region3

Also, the ability to tween attributes would be super useful, but if not that ok because we still have value objects.


This opens a lot af new doors! Excited to try this out without having to add values!


Object value type would be useful! For example we could add a “Destination” attribute to a portal/door to allow linking it to its destination portal/door object (to replace using ObjectValue).


yayyyy, big motivation coming into me! I have been waiting for attributes for quite a long ever since I saw colbert hyping it up XD

One question is, will there, by possibility be a method to get every attributes available within game? I would like to have some global configuration and link up those attributes to certain objects or simply review the attributes that I have set which both requires me to have a centralized way of altering those objects at once. If this method is available, I will be able to make a custom plugin to do so.

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Yes, indeed CFrame would be very nice. Unless I’m writing the script wrong there’s honestly no point in having attributes for Vector3s in TweenServices other than not typing a few numbers.

local myAttribute = script.Parent:GetAttribute("Left")

local myAttribute2 = script.Parent:GetAttribute("Right")

local Tween = game:GetService("TweenService")

local Part = script.Parent

local Left = Tween:Create(Part,, Enum.EasingStyle.Back, Enum.EasingDirection.Out), {Position =})

local Right = Tween:Create(Part,, Enum.EasingStyle.Back, Enum.EasingDirection.Out), {Position =})

while true do
    print("Attribute 1 played")
    print("Attribute 2 played")

This is a tween that makes a block move left and right by using attributes to define the positions

Finally! we’ve been waiting for this for years

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this is much more practical and economical

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So far the only way to get them is by doing: Gun:GetAttribute("ReloadSpeed").

It would be nice if you could define like that however.


It is actually better not to be able to get them like that, because if you name a attribute the same as an existing property there could be issues, unless they added a safeguard that you can’t add attributes with property names that already exist.

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Wait a minute… I never even heard of this! Once it’s out of beta I might just move away from dictionaries because this seems to be easier to use. Can’t wait!

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