New Studio Beta: Attributes!

are attributes out yet? i wanna use them but im not sure if it will break in the game itself

They are indeed! I’ve updated the original post with a link to the release thread :smiley:

Can you submit a bug report with steps to reproduce the issue in #bug-reports?

Wooh! Now I can use them for my custom particle system I am making!

I’m unable to create a thread in that section.

I’d really like to see an instance support. My case in which this would be useful is I have values assinged to each player that replicate, I’d use attributes to access important instances instead of object values.

Is there a possibility you could add a dropdown option when creating an attribute, like when you’re selecting a material for a part.

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If you manually add attributes in Studio, after a while they randomly get removed.

This appears only to happen with client side attributes created within the ScreenGui > Random Folder (not tested on something else)

If I have to assume what happens it’s because play testing within studio or Publishing your game or auto save.

This has happenend me 3 times now on two seperated games and it’s quite annoying. I don’t have an error log or anything. Anyone else noticed an issue with it client wise in Team Create?

Edit: If required i can make a bug report, but there’s not really any steps as it not always disappears, it’s just very random. Relogging doesn’t fix it, it’s gone for ever and everyone within the team create.

Hello! I want to suggest a feature. Can you guys make the :AddAttribute and the :RemoveAttribute for plugins? This will allow the plugins to create instances with attributes and will be nice to see in game!

If you could create a bug report or send me a message with the rough steps you’re taking in more detail then I can keep an eye out for it. It would be helpful to confirm the following:

  • What instance are you adding them to and where are they stored?
  • Is it only in team-create or does it happen at any other time?
    • Are there other players in the session?
    • Are any of them editing the same instance?
  • Does it happen when play-testing your game?
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I’m not clear why you’d need this? You can add and remove attributes from a plugin with:

instance:SetAttribute("Name", value) -- add
instance:SetAttribute("Name", nil) -- remove
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When it happends again, i will contact you in more detail and do some extra tests around it.

Didn’t knew this was a feature. Thank you

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Can we have URL type for attribute? So it behaves like SoundId, and ImageId?

And a slider type for attribute as well.

Hello! I have another suggestion, can there be an option, so we can organize the attributes, both in Roblox Studio and in a script?

A way we can do this is for example to make SetAttribute have a third parameter that would be “rank”, and the way it will be sorted is by organizing a list with the smaller rank to the highest, and each rank organized by A-Z. That way if there is a repeated number like 3 it can sort it by the name

This way when viewing this in studio instead of seeing it organized like:

Assets: […]
Car: […]
Description: […]
Name: […]

We could make so it looks like:

Name: […] 1
Description: […] 2
Assets: […] 3
Car: […] 3

If we see rank 3 applied to the A-Z rule, because there were 2 attributes with the index 3.

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This is still happening, are there any plans to change this behavior?

@WallsAreForClimbing I think it would attributes would be better to use if they could save Instances too since it would make it more easy to have everything either be Attributes or Values it would make things more organised unlike the example below:

There are also points explained in this post on why it would be easier:


This is in my opinion pretty critical because I just realized that I relied on this behavior in my code.
I would really appreciate this being fixed.

Support for Enum values would be great and would improve my workflow even more. Can we also get the option to hide attributes? I have some attributes which I don’t want exposed to the user but rather to my code only.