New Studio windows crash beyond 3 open windows

I am having an issue where I can only have a maximum of 3 fully functional studio windows at a time.

If I try to open a 4th studio window, weather that be a test player, a test server, or a entirely different place file… this happens:

If you notice, this looks like the new start page window. However, the game is completely unresponsive and I cannot interact with the page. Additionally, I can see everything in the explorer; but the game itself is not rendering any visual.

Just take a look at the explorer. While not expanded, all my stuff is still there; I can tell based on almost all the services having arrows.

This bug happens in all sinarios. Restarting studio, re-opening the place, whatever. Even if I get this problem, if I just close enough studio windows to get below the, what appears to be “limit”, I can now use studio again.

This is a serious issue because I can only have 3 working studio windows. In other words, Place, Server, Player1. I can only edit a single place at a time if I want to test it.

This bug started happening when I came back to roblox. Around 6 months ago I took a break from everything ROBLOX related, but I came back and obviously updated studio due to changes. This is when I started having this issue. However, when this started, I was not limited to only 3 or 4 places.

As a matter of fact, yesterday I was able to have 6 studio windows open before encountering issues. This is very concerning to me because it seems as if it keeps decreasing over time, so eventually I may not be able to have a single studio window open at all.

ROBLOX already has the correct permissions on my network, and my PC is very powerful and in the past has been capable of handling 10+ studio windows at once with hundreds of chrome tabs at the same time. Performance is clearly not an issue. My CPU and Ram remain to be only minimally in-use.

If you have any questions, I’ll answer to the best of my ability. I really need this issue fixed.

Does this happen to you if you open multiple player windows in a baseplate? What OS are you on? What are your machine specs?

It has occurred when I have multiple baseplates open, but is not restricted to it.

My OS is Windows 10
More than enough hard drive space
Intel i7-6700K 4.00GHz

As a side note, so far this issue seems to have randomly fixed itself.

I am still concerned because nothing has changed in between now and when I posted this. I can assure you the bug will return.

It seems like for entire days at a time it will experience this bug.

It either happens all the time, or doesn’t happen at all.

Just going to say, this is still an issue I am experiencing. I can’t even open a two player server anymore.