New subscription functions in MarketplaceService!


I just discovered a few new functions in marketplace service on the wiki.
They are:


How do you use these functions/ create a subscription? Do they currently work?
Thanks, Nabfam.


Subscriptions are not yet released and I’d avoid trying to mess with them unless you’re a power user aware of the risks of tinkering with unreleased stuff.

These are questions you could have answered just by looking at the pages or attempting to use them in Studio. They are not enabled and IX would not leave a page regarding monetisation left carelessly blanked out because that would be dangerous when needing to handle transactions for your game.

Please wait for potential announcements regarding this feature. It’s not even known if these are intended to be released to developers or if they’re internal; right now, the assumption is due to the way they’re exposed and written up, they’re an upcoming third monetisaton route for games that allow you to set up a monthly-based subscription pass (e.g. monthly VIP pass).