New Subsection: Development Collaboration

I notice quite a bit of Development Discussion threads (mine included) are help requests. Although they are valid for the subsection, it’d be nice if we could differentiate between help requests and other development discussion.

Instead of naming it “Development Help”, I believe a better name would be “Developer Collaboration” so that RbxDev isn’t seen as a substitute Scripting Helpers. Name makes a heck of a lot more difference than you would think it would – same concept as bad people breaking more stuff when stuff is already broken. If we have a subsection named “Development Help”, we’ll get a lot of meaningless posts that otherwise would have been elsewhere (i.e. “How do I set the adornee of a part?” “Oh wait, nvm got it” may be here instead of Scripting Helpers)

Since the majority of development discussion threads are help requests in a sort, Development Discussion should be renamed to Development Collaboration and a new subsection should be created called Development Discussion. Threads that would belong in the new Development Discussion would be: API Updates, “Here’s what made my game do well”, “What can I do to x game to make it more popular”, and “look at this cool thing you can do!” Appropriate pinned posts should be moved to Development Discussion from Development Collaboration.

It’s just a filter to keep the help requests separate from development discussion which we could then scan through and find useful information regarding development rather than thousands of help requests.