New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

This would be great for parts as well as regular terrain. Totally support!

Will we be able to generate grass decoration onto parts in the future?

This look incredibility awesome! I am extremely hype to use this!

As I would like opt in since I’m very excited to use it!

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One question, will the terrain generator in studio be updated with the new materials? It’s not really something that’s needed but sometimes I use it as a starting point for a terrain based map.



Definitely opting in my game: 2082883775

This looks amazing! I’d love to opt in :eyes:

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“Oh my!” must be the reaction pretty much everyone is feeling. This looks really nice and I’d love to experiment with this in some of my places. The primary place I’d like to opt-in to the beta is 5542725198 and if possible I’d like to opt place ID 6033367137 in too.

This a great update this help dev to make realistic games

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I would love to opt in!
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When do you plan on releasing the beta feature? I can hardly wait! :smile: :+1:
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Amazing! Roblox is definitely due for some new materials, and a facelift on the existing ones.

Please opt me in :slight_smile:

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Really wanna see this!!!

Please opt our teams game in.
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I literally just mentioned this and my good friend @DiscombobulatedJack linked me to this thread. Could I possibly opt in?

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Imagine it with further lighting!

This looks outstanding, it was definitely worth the wait! I’d love to opt in and try these out myself.

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We need a good metallic for cars, seriously. I don’t know if that’s part of the coming update, but yes. Also maybe a DRYWALL material?


This is amazing!
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Awesome!! Landscapes are going to look a lot better with this!

This is an additional feature, but for parts, would it be possible to animate the material on them so that they can move across the surface(s)? For example, if water was one part, the material would move making it look more realistic.

This is awesome! I can’t wait to see what this fruitions into.
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Holy crap, I’ve been waiting for this, and this… well… this is quite the update

Opt in



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