New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

Wow! I am VERY excited. Looks like us builders won’t have to resort to using the toolbox for nice textures anymore :slight_smile:

One thing I would love to see redesigned are our current wood planks. I feel like they would look one hell of a lot nicer if they looked a little more like porcelain wood tiles (something like this…)

The wood planks we have right now are just eh. I feel like there’s room for some serious improvement. Something like what I displayed above would be a lot more versatile and could really transform some of the builds we currently have with the old planks

Other than that, I think this new update is gonna be pretty sweet. Super excited, to say the least :smirk_cat:


Very nice release!
Hopefully it will pave the way for custom materials as well!

I’d also like to opt-in to beta, for this place!

Terrain martial looks great on those parts shown in the images, I’m very excited to try it out, not to mention the terrain looks better too, if there is one thing I wish about Roblox is it looking more real, the PBR textures helped in a way, but better terrain textures bring more to it. Especially as a builder who likes to try and build showcase worthy stuff (never finish though)

While I mention PBR textures, any plan to make it for normal parts too and not just mesh parts?

Some materials id like to see
glossy smooth look
metallic metal
cloth/ more fabric
more wood textures: wood flooring,

I can probably think of others but that’s all I have at the moment

I’d like to opt in if i can to play around with it

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Where’s the water material at for parts? :eyes:
Seriously though these all look great, and I can’t wait to be able to build good looking space fighters out of more than just metal and… more metal.


This looks pretty insane! Can’t wait to see what people do with these!

This is pretty awesome.
I would love to opt in for both studio and live testing here:
Id: 5337005281

I really want to test this out in all ways possible, as I’ve always wanted more materials at our fingertips without the use of plug-ins. If I could please have the new terrain in this project I’m currently working on, then that would be greatly appreciated. This is absolutely revolutionary, and I love every bit of this update so far.

Place ID, for if you accept my Opt-In application: 6060137433

Jungle Floor you say???
Allow me to cash in on these new materials…

Place ID: 5328858979

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sorry but i cant join eeh pls open dat boi or what u made in this game btw?

Incredible new textures! Roblox is seriously upping their game in regards to materials and looks.

Place ID for my opt-in: 6096648267


my game : 5954188182

perfect doe lol

I’d like to see stone bricks become a material. For medieval builds, regular brick is too small and modern, cobblestone is irregular, concrete is too smooth, and slate is far too rough.


If I’m going to be suggesting anything, I’d suggest better mud that you can sink into. That would add a ton of more realism into this. Same with sand and snow, but have it be toggle-able. Then, you could have footprints, tire tracks, and more making marks in terrain. I’d also love to see the ability for grass to be able to be put on different things.

It would also be nice if this mode can be toggled, so that people can still have the older terrain versions if they really like them. I’d personally have it be on by default when creating a game though.

Also, I’d love to have the moss terrain be able to have an option for it to be on bark and not have to paint it over and deal with getting more voxels.

Another thing I’d love to see is the ability to completely edit and change the shape of all the brush terrain tools. It would significantly increase efficiency when terrain-making. If that can’t be done, then at least add an ability to speed up and slow down terrain generation easily.

Dammn, this is so cool! I would really love to opt-in! The place IDs: 4764170755, 4350232189

This looks amazing, I would like to try it on my current main project “Attack on Titan: Freedom Awaits” currently at a concurrent player of 4000-6000, the game uses smooth terrain for all of its maps so I would like to test this new update out as it will be beneficial to the game’s future, it is in demo and I’m willing to test out as many new features as possible!

Place ID:

I’d love to experiment with this! Opt in place ID: 5907936938

This looks amazing! I’d like to opt in on this place ID: 5929771460

This update is amazing! I can’t wait to add all of these new materials to my building game. But sadly there’s no mention of allowing water to be used as a part material, which is something I was really hoping for. I rarely use voxel terrain because I like the simplicity and symmetry you can get with parts, and it’s always been a hassle fitting terrain water nicely with my parts. I really hope this gets added in the future. Apart from that, hype!!!

Awesome high quality terrains But would this cause any lag or FPS drop for low end PCs and high end PCs?

I’d love to test this one out!

Place ID: 6110381020