New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

I would like to be opt in, please.

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i think it woud be nice to have some roof and green and yellow bamboo texture.
also woud be nice to have some straw for making straw roof.




I would like to opt into the beta.

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Oh whoa, just woah! This is definitely staggering to look at, an absolute huge step up for not only Roblox but to us developers, kudos to the staff and whoever worked on this. Can’t wait to test this out, would love to opt in along with Jofsuu and TomPlayzGamz himself.

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Crazy to see how much Roblox has changed from when I was a kid :’]


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I think you should add the same materials but stylized. Not everyone wants to make a realistic game. Some people might want cartoony ones and I think it would be best to support that.


I second this, the realistic materials are cool but there it’s currently nearly impossible to make terrain look good with low poly, hand painted, or otherwise stylized assets.

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here is my opt in place id: 6111932196
would love to play around with these

This is an incredible update and a massive step forward for the future of Roblox! Well done to the team behind this!

I’d love to enter this game (ID: 6111950517) to test out the terrain’s capability and overall feel!

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Pretty nice, I would like to use it.

I would love to opt in!

Very excited about this! I hope we will get higher resolution textures along with this update as it will make things much more immersive up close!

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Finally! I can’t tell from the picture but is that well blended water I’m seeing? Sign me up.

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Wow! This is awesome!

I have only one question, what will happen to the materials when someone has a slow computer and they have to turn the graphics all the way down? Will it just look less 3D or will the old materials appear for them?

looks super neat

i would like to opt in, IDs: 4572319869, 6112502967

Why did you need new material ? YOUR CREATION ARE ALREDY BEAUTIFUL :open_mouth:


Im opting in My Ids are: 5971485224 and 6112605453

Omg, that is such a cool update! I’d like to opt in.

One quick question: will lighting affect the parts?

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Rip players graphics card especially people with phone they won’t be able to run roblox.

I want to opt in to see how good it is.
My game ID 527002887

Looks so Realistic .We need a terrain to mesh though.