New Terrain and Parts Built-In Materials - Release Build

yes, and adding materials that aren’t extremely out of date isn’t an example of a company making a decision at the behest of shareholders. it literally had to be done, the old materials weren’t made with PBR in mind and generally were just not consistent


That much isn’t even sure for the cases where we get original with a material’s use. For instance (and to quote a previous example), what do you do if you were using pebble material for cheese?

You’re just screwed, because those new materials only work for what they’re named after, and hardly anything else.


Here is one that comes quickly to the top of my mind.

Making a feasible solution to .touched event, so it doesn’t fire Repeatedly: .Touched and .TouchedEnded events every time you walk on it, instead of knowing that they went on it one time. You have to go through the mental gymnasicts of using other complex solutions.

My honest mistake. I have re-read and agree too,

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The problem isn’t that the new materials exist. The problem is that the old ones are being removed entirely. Sure, these new materials fit with the new “modern” styling that Roblox seems to be going for now (that’s a whole other problem), the problem is that they’re deleting every trace of what they don’t want their platform’s games to look like.


It has a solution, you can just have only one touchable part in the character. One part, one signal. Used it, it works wonders if you do it right.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the slate material in the second picture. It’s probably the snow material that was substituted in as a replacement for slate. The new slate is very, very, smooth.

I didn’t even think of how unique uses of materials wouldn’t be able to be easily replaced, but being fair, small, limited amounts of objects like a block of cheese could use textures, but something like a stylized house couldn’t.

For a start it’s a minor issue and secondly there aren’t very many use cases for .touched that can’t be done with other more practical methods. The only time I used .touched is when I’m feeling lazy and for basic testing.
The majority of skilled developers don’t use .touched widely enough to actually fix a minor bug that is rooted deep within roblox’s physics solver.

Unlike materials which is used everywhere, however their solution to the issue of roblox’s limited material selection was broken from the core.

My point again. Why do i have to use workarounds for something that could of been avoided in the first place?

The touched event when a player walks on it normally without any work around, should only fire once when a user touches it, not fire every time a player walks on it because of their legs going on and off. They could of easily used magnitude in the event to see if the player is truly off the part.

True, this solution exists, but that kinda practice isn’t rare at all, I have several instances on my own game. I’m lucky enough to have someone skilled enough to learn how to make custom textures, which is harder than it sounds, but many people out there aren’t.


It’s built into roblox’s physics engine all the way at the core, it’s genuinely not worth fixing since it’s such a minor issue.

Say you’re a beginner trying to learn roblox’s api and, lets say you want a gui to pop up when a player steps on a part, and delete once they are off of it. Them having limited knowledge will try this touched event, and the gui will spam multiple times and cause memory issues because it fires every time you walk on the part.

Yes. You can use a Boolean statement, to see if the gui exists in the “PlayerGui” and add a new one, or delete it accordingly, depending on which event fires. But the issue is, the “TouchEnded” and “Touched” event fires each time you walk on it. So it will end up spamming multiple gui’s and functions causing memory issues. And the new scripter having limited knowledge, probably wont know the first place to look for a work around.

The old materials are being removed because keeping them would introduce a lot of complexity for Roblox in the future.


  • New materials being added to the new set, with no corresponding material in the legacy set. What happens if you toggle into the legacy material set mode?
  • Previews of objects for the Toolbox or an upcoming asset marketplace need to show one material set or another
  • Including the legacy materials will double the filesize taken up by textures when downloading Roblox

etc. With the introduction of custom materials, you’ll be able to bring back the legacy ones if you are so inclined. But in the present, it makes sense for Roblox to move forward with their new set.

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this is an improvement


what does this conversation have to do with the topic??

Not in the slightest. The white specks immediately invalidate it, and if you didn’t see upon scrolling down, they’re even worse because of the “waves” the new sand has.


It was due to this issue that I learnt and became more profession using different methods inplace of .touched. In specific I learnt how to use arrays to stop this bug.

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Have you seen the amount of people who disagree with this, vs the people who do? It might be an improvement if you don’t depend on the old materials, or not going for a specific style like you i suppose.

The new materials are a massive improvement.

The problem is that you are using a sand material to texture cloth. Yes, that just happened to work with the previous material set. There should be no expectation that a sand material that looks like sand will also look like cloth, though. For characters, you should probably be using SurfaceAppearance anyway.

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