New Textures for my Minecraft-inspired Game!

Hey, I finally started working on Roblox Building Game (‘RBG’) again.

To start, I reset everything and made textures for some of the essential blocks, instead of making them models/unions with multiple parts.
Big thanks to my brother, @soniclover212AJ, for helping with concepts and the idea of making textures in the first place!


I’m going for a bright and simple theme, a bit like the Plastic/Cartoon texture pack from Minecraft.

Please give me some feedback on these- I want them to look as nice as possible, without being overly saturated or ‘cartoony.’

(I can provide the raw images of the textures if you want/need a better look!)


Nice job making the textures! They look advanced!

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Thanks for the feedback! I wouldn’t say they’re advanced, though- this is my first attempt at using textures on Roblox.

Well then,

Your good at making textures, I’m suprised that you made that in your first attempt!


Looks awesome, the color palette is also amazing :slight_smile:


This honestly looks amazing! There are very few flaws I see, such as the grass unnaturally colliding with the dirt for the grass block. The grass part of it looks like it’s a separate block, and it’s not, it’s one whole block with the dirt.

Here’s the minecraft grass texture. See how the grass is “hanging down” from the block? That’s what makes it look natural.

Anyways, the other flaw is that the rings in the tree trunk is so circle like that it’s inconsistent. You want pixelated textures, not solid circles. Make it pixel-y, and give some variety of color to it, then I’d guarantee it’d look great.

Aside from these flaws, it looks awesome, keep up the good work!

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The grass block is actually not a flaw because like he said he is going for a texture theme like the Cartoon Texture Pack.

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Went ahead and fixed the textures you mentioned.



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Make your own intellectual property, don’t take stuff from Minecraft or your game might get shutdown.
The bricks look great, as well.

Oh, I’m not using anything from Minecraft itself.