New thumbnails for The Coast

Heya! I’m Infinite_Visions, lead developer of Visions Games. I have recently come out with my game The Coast (which is not complete).

I was looking for feedback on three thumbnails for the game (which you can see by visiting the game, or by below):


How do they look? What could I do to make them better? Thanks!


The lighting is too plain. Try adding more detail


Thanks for the feedback! Do you think it should be darker, lighter, or what exactly were you thinking?

looks great, but i think that the black edges of the left section are harsh. maybe try to remove them or make the background of the left section black too?

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I like this, reminds me of old 2015 logos.


It’s good!
Checked out the game, the helicopter is slower than sprinting. Good job, though! :slight_smile:

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This is probably why the helicopter is like that.

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Yeah, I need to update it still :slight_smile:

I know. Just says bugs and what to improve.