New to building

Hello, I am an intermediate scripter but am new to building and having a hard time. Where do I start? I know people use Blender, what types of things do you build in Blender vs Roblox Studio? As in do people build full houses in Blender or just small items ect? Is there a difference in how they look? How do textures work? And I installed some plugins but they cause errors, what are some good plugins?

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I have never used Blender myself, but with a quite decent experience in the Studio of almost 3 years, I can already say that there is a huge difference of quality between items made using the negate, union, separate, different textures, tons of parts added togheter etc compared to the tools Blender offers.

As something basic you could try creating, I’d say plants, windows, small cottages, benches, trees, alleyways, rocks/mountains, drinks/cups (might be complex, but you may try watching some tutorials), tvs, couches/sofas, chairs, tables and I could go on forever, but you get the point.

Now, for textures, I don’t really know how to explain their full definition in particular, but I would say watching for multiple definitions on google/safari would be a great choice, as well as tutorials or some videos of people showcasing basic textures that you could try recreating and so on.

I really hope this somehow helped you, good luck and I hope to see some of your projects in the near future!


Both blender and studio are useful. Chose depending on what you think you will need the most, but I think that the studio gives you the most opportunities when making games. Meshes can be very nice in games and maybe very useful but you will nearly always need a foundation built from the studio. But on the other hand using blender to make guns, cars, trees, and other smaller things is often easier and looks better than making it in the studio.

In the end, the decision is up to you, the things I have said above are my own opinion and some other people may have other thoughts. Do your own research and chose what you think you will need the most when developing on Roblox.

Good luck!

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Programs aren’t needed in anyway you can choose whatever software your more comfortable with and willing to learn alternatives: (Blender, Studio, Cinema 4D,) you start small and simple and practice:

You start by practicing and learning, play around with different things instill you get the hang of things whether it be studio or a third party software. Blender is more of a modeling software allowing users to create more complicated builds things like vehicles, weapons, animations and more while studio is more for creating basic items things like small props, simple houses, food ect. While it’s possible to create detailed builds using just roblox studio and helpful plugins.

There are different alternatives that you could use to get into building choose whatever suits your liking and go from there.

Different programs like Blender and more offer a decent interface and different options that allow you to create high quality models/builds while studio can produce this it’s mainly just using textures - meshes and the use of lighting. The tools are very similar. It’s basically just practice and start building whatever you enjoy.

Thank you for the reply!

One problem im having is how do I get patterns on stuff like a chair or couch or a rug? Ive tried looking on youtube but couldnt find anything im looking for

Something like this:

Just google it, or use a free texture website.

I’m really bad at explaining stuff but theres a ton of ways to use decals and textures to get all kinds of effects. I’ve made a little demo pack that i hope will help you. There is a chair where the texturing has been done with a texture element, there another chair where it has been done with decals and a 3rd chair demonstrating how to use alpha transparency with decals.

Hope this helps

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