New to GFX renders constructive criticism is appreciated

Hi there i recently started learning how to make Renders. And would like your opinion on it



The sense looks very lame and boring. The mountain in the background is too low quality compared to the car, the tree is just copied and pasted, the lighting looks bad and it makes the car look very out of place, should improve the depth of field, improve lighting and add more detail and fix the mountain.

Overall, it’s a quite bad GFX.

Thank you for this I will do my best this is much appreciated

This is actually a very good gfx but the first one the background is way too blurry so maybe make it clear.

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Thanks for the feedback I could not find someone to make gfx’s for my game so I wanted so feedback on my work

The images used for the tire smoke could be better. It’s pretty hard to find ones that are just right though

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