New To Terrain, My First Try Came Out Like This

So, I just came out about an hour ago and just hopped on studio and was messing with terrain. I never used terrain before so I was curious what I could make. Heres what I got:

I added the trees (free modeled) just for the extra, to fill in some space, but in general, I want feedback on the terrain itself of course.

Please comment your feedback, tips, tricks, and criticism would be much appreciated.


This looks very impressive as a first time user. Maybe add some hills/mountains off the the right side or a cave that goes under water or both.


Thanks! Elaborate on the cave?

Just something that is dug downwards that enters into a water portion and goes underwater.
Example of the underwater portion:

Example of the entrance:
For the entrance either something like this on the side OR something that was dug from the ground downwards.

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That’ll look pretty neat, thanks.

I think this is really good, seeing as it is your first time using the terrain tools.

However, if you want your terrain to look more natural I would try to avoid straight lines in most cases.
Here is one I spotted in your picture: straight%20line
This might just be the camera angle though. But again, really good!

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I’ve got to say, this is really good for your first try. It looks way better than when I first started out with smooth terrain!!

I like how you made a little blend between the Grass, Sand, Ground and Rock materials. It looks really nice and actually looks better than just blending the rock and grass together with no other materials.

Also stuff you can improve on!

  • Like retroblocx just said, try to avoid overly straight lines in your terrain. It looks extremely unatural and looks really weird.

  • Also add caves like SturdyStubs said. Being able to explore lots of interesting things will make almost anything more enjoyable.

  • The trees look off. Try scaling and rotating them so that they look more natural. Also use different types of trees for extra variety!

  • Try to make your world seem more natural by adding vast amounts of terrain to areas that are out of bounds. This gives off the feeling of a much larger world and makes visitors… immersed, for lack of a better term, in your world.

Stuff in front of the red is in bounds, stuff behind the red is out of bounds

Not really sure of this helped you out any, but if it did then that’s cool! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.


I think it’s great, especially if you’re just messing around. It could use some improvements though, if you were to consider adding it to a serious game.

Looks very good from a user that’s new to terrain , some hills wouldn’t be bad


It looks good for a first time, though the grass terrain goes up at the edges near the stone a bit and the water doesn’t look natural against the stone.

You could also do with some more height and levels in certain areas, rather than just flat land, as that makes it more interesting and realistic.

The water is an easy fix, you can use a plugin like part to terrain to make it easier.

Else not bad for a first try!