New Tool For Builders

Hey, My name is Salty I am a small scripter, and I have something to offer to the table, Something that helps to build.
Easy link Edit Part - Roblox

Presenting Edit Part, a New Tool that you can customize to spawn in a custom part every time.

How it works?

I offer 2 buttons on the panel.

Editing Button And Spawning Bricks Button.

The spawn part button is pretty self-explanatory but it will spawn in a part with the applied settings.

Note: The Roblox default “Insert Part” will work with this plugin as well.
So you may right-click and spawn a part with the selected settings.

On the edit Part Settings Button, it will show my simple GUI, I kept it simple for easier use:

Here on the gui, you may see the following change settings.

What’s coming next?
We are planning to add Color changing ( with a simple scroll wheel ), Locked Setting.
You may track the version history in the bottom right. To see if you got the latest version!

Plugin link: Edit Part - Roblox

Good luck everyone.


Most of the properties of the edit button are available in the properties tab.

I would suggest adding more advanced properties that you cannot change there.

Will do, but this is for parts that need to be added. And yes i may add more settings. I will work on it right now.

but this is for parts that need to be added

Most of the time you can just copy and paste a part after changing its properties. Doesn’t really waste any time.

You’re right still found it handy to create a Plugin that can handle new parts.

After a little more of coding added:

What will be focused on in the future is, Name Changing, Color, And Surfaces.

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Few suggestions:

  • Order them alphabetically
  • Spell the property names correctly
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This is an interesting concept for a plugin, but I can’t see it being very useful as-is. You could make this into a useful tool by making it a way to add in a large number of parts at once with set properties and set offsets. (Maybe in an array, similar to blender’s array modifier).

I will work on spelling mistakes and alphabetical order. As for the Array concept @uhley360. I Shall look into it and add it onto my GUI. If you could go more in details with what you would like i would appreciate it.


Duplicate feature IS a thing, thats the best way to copy and paste

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Yeah, there is duplication, but I had fun developing something, and there is so much to come such as, as stated before adding array. And adding custom patterns. This will be added in the future and I have further plans to listen to the community on their projects.

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I find this Plugin AMAZING. Like I just made a post like a week ago, saying is there a way fir a part to spawn anchored. Thanks to you, we now have that. I love this Plugin.

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I appreciate it. I will work on saving settings when reopening Roblox Studio.

Updated Again to try and implement as much as the features.

Thank you for this plugin! My weak hands couldn’t press the spawn part button on the first page so I had to click x2 to get to the plugins tab over to the spawn part button, extremely helpful!


You, can spawn the parts using the normal parts insertion. And it will apply the settings.

Aright, so I have a suggestion. Add few realistic textures in like a library. Let’s say they select realistic grass one… when you place parts it places them with the grass texture.