New topics being dismissed even if I have a setting to keep all new topics

Description of Bug

A similar topic has been created, but I’m creating this because the issue is occurring again, and it occurs on pretty much all browsers that I try.

Basically, even if I set my Notification Preferences for new topics to when I haven’t viewed them yet. It’s expected that the DevForum should keep all new topics created that I have not read, into the New list. However, it seems like the DevForum is disregarding this setting and dismissing new topics after a specific amount of time.

(I’m pretty sure having only an increase in 10 new topics within 12 hours is way too less.)

When it Happens

It occurs as far as 10th August, 2023.


(Sorry, but I’m not able to do a 12-hour recording of me keeping track of the new topics).
My settings:

Repro Steps

  1. Set your Preference setting for new topics to I haven’t viewed them yet.
  2. Wait up to 12 hours or so, and you’ll see that some new topics are being randomly dismissed.
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