New Training Center For My Hotel Group!

I just finished creating my new training center game for my hotel group!

I want to see what people think of it. (If it seems bad, I am new to building and wanted to do this to try and improve my skills.) And yes SOME free models are used for things that are too complicated for me to build. Most of it is my own work though.

Here is the game: Volt Hotels | Training Center | BETA - Roblox

(Also I know about the glitch with the rank GUI not working. I’m doing my best to fix it and it will hopefully be fixed soon)

Also, please leave honest criticism if you think there is something I can improve!

Oh yeah, and feel free to join the group as well.


If you want my honest opinion, I think its kind of bland, cramped, and just boring. It uses some neutral colors which would look fine if you were trying to do a modern aesthetic, but there arent any windows, its very low poly, and not much detail. I would try and maybe add some more details and same with the models. In addition, make the doorway (The circle one) taller so people with taller avatars would fit better.


Thanks for the criticism!
I’ll try to improve the game as best I can with the feedback!


For a new builder Id say this is nice, but if you are doing this for a serious traning centere then you need more work


It’s pretty cool, but my main problem with it is the wood color contrasts. It goes from light green, to white, to tanish, to brown. It’s very all over the place. Another thing is maybe add some windows? Right now you kinda feel constrained in a box, and it feels empty. Finally, make the neon signs less harsh so they are easier to read.

Yellow neon on bright white wood is kinda hard to read, and on mobile devices will be extra hard. Other than that, if you put enough effort into this and also follow @xA_xsin 's comments, this could be a lot better :smiley:

Edit: Might wanna turn off CanCollide on the spawn part :wink:
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 8.59.10 AM