New two San Francisco themed buildings

Hello! I also haven’t shown you my work in construction for a long time, so here are two buildings that I tried in the style of San Francisco. I hope you like it because I quite care about it to make it look nice, Feel free to write your opinion in the comments and also something that I could improve in other constructions. :wink: ([FOR HIRE] HASKYNEK - Builder,Modeler,Clothing Designer,Cartoon GFX)


Lookin good!
Maybe a few tweaks would make it look even better!

Feel free to write what specific tweaks it needs like.

Well it good but like the the other dude said a little more tweaks for example
I live is San Francisco and it’s kinda rare to find a house with a bay window smaller than garage

image also
the roof should cover bay window and add a few more details

Okay, I take note of the mistakes next time, I’ll take care of it.

Looks just like houses from San Francisco.

Reminds me of the hello neighbour game

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