New Tycoon Game

I created this tycoon game inspired off of gumball factory tycoon and fruit juice tycoon. I have already advertised with about 4k robux and I have gotten players but it seems like after a few min some people get really bored. Is there any problems in my game? If so please let me know so I can improve on it! Thank you in advance!

So what I got from my first minute of playing:

  1. There’s way to many buttons all at once, introduce them in a more linear pattern. Not only does it reduce clutter but gives a higher sense of progress.

  2. The models are nice but the game lacks any real gimmick, with how saturated the tycoon space is unless you can distinguish yourself or target a niche it’s hard to retain players.

  3. Doesn’t appear to be any base building or things you can use your money for, other than just making more money. Your players should be gathering money to actually build something visually appealing, or atleast some type of candy factory.

  4. Have the leaderboards on actual boards in game, motivates people significantly more than if you make it a button that no one is really gonna click.

  5. Add more flare once someone collects the candy, maybe some particles or a little sound effect.

  6. Your ad might have just been iffy, would be helpful if you also sent that.

  7. The map is quite plain, I’d add a little spawn area in the middle with leaderboards and then spread the Tycoons out. Add more detail inbetween them.

That’s all I could gather from my quick tour around, hope that helps! Just my personal thoughts so don’t feel compelled to do everything I listed.

Here is the ad. It got players but the game is what didnt keep them i guess. Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely work on it more!

I joined as if I was a new player and this is what I think:

  1. There are way too many buttons, its overwhelming and crushes the sense of progress.

  2. The surrounding area/map is very plain, I spawned on green grass, in a green hut, with a green wall. EVERYTHING WAS GREEN. Now I know this is only a problem for my because I spawned on the green team but at least change the saturation of the colours on the green team so they don’t blend in.

  3. The obbys you give are very easy but you make players complete them with about 50 speed which makes them really hard, try changing their walk speed when they do an obby.

  4. No particles.

  5. There isn’t anything to spend your money on that isn’t getting you more money, it would be nice to actually build a lollipop factory.

  6. I love the idea of the king of the hill idea, but for £1 a second? Not much reward for being far away from your base.

  7. It would be nice if players could actually see the leaderboard in-game as it shows players what they can achieve if they just spend some more time playing.

  1. What is the name of your group lol
  2. There are already tons of these games, they are not fun anymore. It is always just buy thing for free, get a load of it from some producer farm place, put it in some machine, get money from that, and then buy different things, rinse and repeat.
  3. I do like the work and effort you put into the game though, and the style of it. It looks like a nice game to me.