New UGC item I made. What do you think?

Hello everyone! I made this ugc concept recently and wanted to see how everyone thinks of it!

the concept

Also hear is the process/video I made to show proof i didn’t steal it.


It’s decent but why are the ears clipping into the hat?

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I actually didn’t realize that. Hmm ill see if i can fix that!

it is too fat, nose need to be bigger, eyes need to be bigger, hat smaller and placed higher up and no more ears clipping into hat. also maybe you should have used metaballs for this. honestly remove everything except body and limbs it just looks like a weirdly inflated ballon, try adding like maybe pawprints, make the limbs longer, u know?

That process seems very tedious…props to you! UGC creators have a unique skill. Anyways, that bear is adorable! I would suggest making his eyes larger. I can’t exactly give my full opinion on your creation because you didn’t post the finished product. Next time, please post the finished thing! I would love to see the end results.

Good stuff Icy, You’re very creative!

Thank you very much! I will say with the final product, I had accidentally, when i was editing the video cut out the part. But other wise, thank you for your feedback!

Best Regards, Icy