New UI backend going live soon

My scrolling frames still look like this … were fine in the beta since my place had it enabled but now that it’s released they look like this.

There are around 5 unique bugs spread across the 12 live games (14 places total) that are in the blacklist right now. Most of them are deep edge cases in the system that got discovered because of idiosyncratic ways developers create UI. Fixes for them are coming, and then the blacklist won’t be necessary anymore. Games that are blacklisted are still blacklisted on mobile.

The unique bugs I know of so far:

  • Performance regression when parenting hundreds of TextLabels. (Fix has been submitted, will release the week after Thanksgiving, affects 3+ live games)
  • Circular UIPageLayout without any clipping ancestor does not detect the edges of the screen to wrap around. (Fix submitted as well, affects 1+ live games)
  • UIScale directly parented to a LayerCollector affects the Scale values of frames directly parented to the LayerCollector. This behavior is inconsistent with having a UIScale parented to a Frame, but because some games are relying on it, we will have to introduce an unintuitive bug compatibility for it. (Not fixed yet, affects 1+ live games)
  • Clip rect being computed incorrectly in some cases when UIScale is in use. (Not fixed yet, affects 2+ live games)
  • UIScale parented to child element of a UIListLayout will cause the list layout to allocate the wrong amount of space for the child. (Not fixed yet, affects no known live games)

We want to get the system to 100% as quickly as we can, so that we can completely phase out the old system and focus our efforts on fixing issues with the new system and then releasing new features. Right now, a dev publishing from Studio using the new system might find their game affected by the old system’s bugs on mobile or console.

Once we turn the new system on for UWP and Xbox, the only time the new system will be disabled is for games in the blacklist.

Can you provide a repro file for this? It’s hard for me to tell what’s going on there from the screenshot.


I currently have a bug with using a circular UIPageLayout, where children added to the layout-bound frame at run-time will not be detected, an will not be appear when using the Next() and Previous() functions. Is this covered by the following bug?

  • Circular UIPageLayout without any clipping ancestor does not detect the edges of the screen to wrap around. (Fix submitted as well, affects 1+ live games)

Nope, that’s another issue. Do you have a repro for it that I can look at?

That will be quite hard, seeing as the place it’s bound to cannot be ran in studio due to 32-bit limitations. I’ll attempt to create a watered-down repo.

The mac build of Studio is 64bit, so I could probably use that to repro. As long as it’s easy to get to the spot where the behavior happens.

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I’m doing minor changes so you can easily access the menu in question and writing up repo instructions :+1:

I think this is affecting my game as well. Can you add it to the blacklist until it’s fixed?


Your game is in the blacklist now.

It seems to have fixed itself, but the ScollingFrame’s MidImage was bugging out and looking like this


its fine now though

My game has been affected as well, could I it blacklisted?

Is the issue here that the icons in the shop/inventory window are much larger on mobile?

It could be? I never really had this issue until recent as I use all UI layout types & constraints (UIGridLayout, UIPadding, UIAspectRatioConstraint, ect.)

I’ll still add your game to the blacklist, I just want to know what broke exactly. On my phone, the buttons in the gui (like the “items” button) are extremely large compared to everything else, so I assumed this was the problem.

Can we please blacklist this:

I’m going to test and see if it’s the cause of our lag issue lately.

My bad, what exactly broke that I noticed was UI constraints such as UIListLayout were not friendly with AnchorPoints in objects at times. There was also that issue with some mobile users not being able to interact with some interface object even when Active = false - not sure if this is related to this backened UI.

@ScriptOn @Airennor Added your places.


I’m still having the issue I mentioned earlier with the click/activate events not registering on UIPageLayout objects for mobile. This happens both in my game that was blacklisted (654732683), and in my other development places that aren’t blacklisted. It can be reproduced with the PageLayout repro I provided earlier so I don’t think it’s anything related with my GUI.

The bug with circular start/end objects not rendering beside eachother doesn’t happen in the blacklisted game though, but still happens in the development places.

I saw that you mentioned a fix for this earlier in the thread, is this fix not yet live or is something still wrong here?

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I have a fix for the circular page layout issue but it won’t go live until the week after Thanksgiving at the soonest. The other issue with user input isn’t caused by the new backend, it was caused by another change, and a fix for that is in the works.

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After some research, I have found that a display bug can be replicated by setting LayoutOrder directly after setting the parent of the object to a UIListLayout constrained object.

Has this been documented yet?