New UI backend going live soon

I made some really ugly ones at one point but it looks like they weren’t carried over in the switch from the wiki to the developer hub.

Yeah, the fix for the UIGridLayout issue is live now. Your game should be safe to remove from the blacklist, but it’s hard for me to verify.

I don’t need the blacklist removed yet since that’s pretty uncommon. But once the circular bug is fixed I would like to use the new backend again.

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You can remove the blacklist and I’ll see how it goes. With newer updates to the way my game works players shouldn’t notice a huge amount of freezing anymore even if it’s not 100% fixed.

Your game should be removed from the blacklist now.

Hi, my game went from being filtered on 0 devices to around 7 mobile devices recently. Could this performance dip have anything to do with the new UI being re-enabled? I’ve played on mobile and can’t seem to find what’s making people crash, however I have an iPhone X with a pretty beefy processor.

ScrollingFrames inside other ScrollingFrames are still screwed up:

  1. Middle image is off (too high compared to end images).
  2. When scrolling, they lag and then teleport to the position they should be in.

Completely screws up my options page :frowning:

Yeah, I’m aware of the issue, I can’t fix it until after the holidays unfortunately.

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I have some low end devices I can test with to see what happens, but I can’t do much about it until after the holidays.

That’s fine, if you do test let me know what you find. I assume you can’t do anything because you’re under the code block or whatever it’s called that they do at the end of every year?


Hi, there seems to be lag spikes every ~ 3 seconds or so when I’m on mobile that I don’t experience on PC. This is probably the cause of the huge amounts of mobile devices crashing. Can you please blacklist my game once more whenever you get the chance?

Now that this is pretty much out there, when can we start expecting features?

  • Border-Radius
  • Scaling based off screen resolution instead of parent.
  • Stroke/Outline is managed separately to main object (lower opacity on background, doesn’t lower opacity of the stroke)

To ask for a feature you should file a feature request in the Platform Feedback category.

I know the first one in your bullet list already has a feature request, so just support the existing request. For the other two, please search whether they exist and if not, file them with appropriate formatting / use cases and they will consider them.


Saw her comment on BorderRadius coming late this year, so hopefully that means early 2019.

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Would this happen to be due to the new UI backend? If so, any chances of a fix?

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