New UI Design Feedback


Hello! I have been working on a new UI design pack recently and would love to have some feedback on how it is structured.

The Design

For this UI pack, I used a grey color scheme and modeled it to potentially be used in a game similar to MM2, or something along those lines.

How can I improve? Is there anything I could have done better? Should I change anything? Id love to hear your thoughts!


I like it! The texturing looks nice with the icons and text! :slight_smile:


This is pretty good! This looks like what a lot of games have as their UI’s the block’s for each items.

I already see great potential for this either by selling this pack on it’s own or making a game our of this.

Just saying you may want to but a stronger watermark on the UI’s in the top right corner (The “Shop”, “Trade” and “Inventory” buttons) in case they get stolen.

I am assuming the one in the bottom right is for a case or a loot box.

Over all pretty good I would give it a 9/10 losing one point for being very similar to other UI’s in other games. If you could figure out a way to spice it up it would be great but this is already a great UI pack on it’s own!

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It looks great and detailed! I like the look of the frames shape and the buttons, they look very well when put together into a game.

Overall it is a nice UI set you made and clean!

I don’t see any improvements, nothing to be better, since it is better, and everything is nice, good work! :+1: