New UI-Design [Western-Style]


I just finished making my new UI-Design and would now appreciate some Feedback


I’m not sure if the font fits in very well. Also that background looks :ok_hand:.
Other then that, not much to say.

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From what I can see with the low-poly building style the UI seems to be looking good.

It is pretty simple so far and I think that the top “Level: 1” wood board seems to be a lighter color than the bottom ones which could be intentional for shadow. Maybe also add some nails for extra detail.

Otherwise, it looks pretty good from what I can see. Can’t wait for a progress update!

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Thank you (and @Xarbleed )for the feedback. You said, that the font isn’t the best, so what font would you recommend?

Not sure. Custom one? Or use GrenzeGotisch.

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That wood UI is very nice, however. The font doesn’t go with it, but I know what would.

Try this

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Thank you for the reply. What font did you use?

I Used LUCKIESTGUY it’s on roblox as well I just found that out today.

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