New UIPadding + UITableLayout components

UIPadding is a new component which allows you to inset the contents of a GuiObject without needing to create an invisible Frame inside of it.

UITableLayout is a new layout type based around rows and columns, like a spreadsheet, as opposed to the tile layout of UIGridLayout which is more like the Windows start menu.



These new constraints are life savers… I’ve been having to make my own grids, tables, and padding with code and mental math for many years! :octopus:

Thank you!


Excellent work on these new UI layout components. I can already tell UIPadding will be very useful for ScrollingFrames! This is exactly the kind of stuff Roblox needs to feel more professional and usable :slight_smile:


Next Up: Image Masks (if we’re lucky)

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Any planned fix for UIGridLayout disappearing when the Roblox window is scaled?

These updates are cool. It’s an interesting take on formatting UIs without having to implement any markup support.


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