New Upcoming Developer!

Hey there developer platform,

I am LogicCircuits! It is not often I see this done often but I feel it’s essential to the upcoming developers of our platform to give shout outs for work that is beyond well done!

I recently have been looking for a long-term developer to assist me in my projects. J_ackiiii has never done development hands on before prior to me talking to him, but he did express interest in wanting to learn and grow in becoming a developer. It was a huge risk taking someone on my team with no experience in the development field, but hey… what’s the worst that could happen? I am so proud to have taken him underneath my wing to help him grow as a leader and as a developer over the last couple of months. He has made me a proud mentor and a proud friend. As I slowly begin for my departure away from the platform, I need someone like J_ack, whose able to continue to uphold the fundamental core values of Roblox and the Developer platform.

Way to go J_ackiiii, and I am so proud of you!

Below is a photo of his work

Thank you J_ack!! I’m glad to have you on my team, on my leadership and as a best friend by my side. I see a lot in you as you continue your endeavors as a Developer.