New Update To My Game Can You Feedback it?

I made my new update to my game can you feedback my update?


  1. Added Gears

  2. Changed game name to Fight Of House Of Robloxia!

  3. Map fix

  4. New Map

  5. changed the meaning of the game


GAME LINK: Fight Of House Of Robloxia! - Roblox

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  • Good

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Here is original topic of that Can You Feedback My Classic Game?

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Many peoples dont like new update can you tell me why?

In my opinion it looks good &classic.

However, I think you should fix the spawn points -shrink them and remove their decal.

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thanks for the feedback i really appreciate it !!!

Will it be an “old roblox” themed fighting game or something?

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This is a really nice classic game. You should maybe make the map bigger and add more stuff. Also add invisible walls on the edges so players can’t fall.

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People who vote bad probably don’t realize that its supposed to be classic roblox.


It’s fighting based game free for all game