New Updates for the UI Editor


This is why I never used it


While this is a fantastic update, there are many issues in this thread that need to be addressed.

Personally, I would love to see an option in Studio’s settings to allow the UI ribbon menu be open all the time, turned off permanently, or have an option for it’s current behavior.

But having it forcefully change your tabs everytime you select any GUI object feels intrusive to me.

You should also not auto-select GUI objects when clicking on an object in the 3D workspace - this should be an option for developers if they so choose to use it.


PSA: Disable the UI editor by going to:

(you may need to find the correct version- folder if Roblox updates after this post)

And deleting: UIEditor.rbxmx from the BuiltInPlugins folder.

The UI editor tab will still show up, but it won’t hijack your workflow, display any handles or sink mouse events. Class changer plugins also work now.

Ability to disable new GUI features
Can I turn off this UI stuff?

Thank you!
Although let’s hope they add more official support though lol

Also it’s not that I dislike the new editor… it’s just annoying having it all the time… It’s actually pretty cool I guess, I just don’t want to use it all the time.


I know a lot are wanting a scale update, I do too. This works for now.


I accidentally dragged something, pressed undo, then got this error which broke some expected functionality of the UI editor

17:16:58.676 - Stack Begin
17:16:58.677 - Script 'Plugin_-1.UIEditor.Resize', Line 334 - upvalue updateHandlePositionFromExtents
17:16:58.678 - Script 'Plugin_-1.UIEditor.Resize', Line 498 - method updatePosition
17:16:58.679 - Script 'Plugin_-1.UIEditor.main', Line 417
17:16:58.679 - Stack End


I don’t understand, it works with scale for me?


If you insert a new element and rescale it, it scales with offset.




In the past version the tool respected what you used in your elements. If a button, for example, was positioned and sized with scale only (and absolutely no offset), then it would work with scale.

I believe the behavior hasn’t changed.


Why would this be an issue though?

I think having it decide if it scales, uses offset, or both, should be determined if the part has a size of (1,0,1,0), (1,300, 1,100) or (0,100,0,100.)

Otherwise it makes it a bit more difficult for developers using offset and vice versa.


As others have said, the UI editor is nice, but it needs to have an option to be disabled. I’ve accidentally moved a gui object more times than I have purposefully.


I was trying to use Quenties class converter plugin, but apparently this new UI editor ignores plugin GUIs, so when I hit the button to convert, it selected the frame right BEHIND the plugin’s button, and then converted that to the object I had selected, and when I hit undo it just permanently deleted all of the children of the frame, so I lost an entire menu. Awesome.


whose idea was it to not make this toggleable lol. deleted the plugin instantly because i don’t want to use it all of the time.

it’s a great update and seems cool. but seriously, a simple on/off button is a must for something that will capture your input so often.


(Bug?)Having your UI in a folder will make it so that your UI isn’t selectable by the editor. Our UI is structured this way so I didn’t actually notice the editor was enabled.




How to disable the editor lmao




Update: This problem is STILL a problem and it’s making UI design a nightmare.


When will the UI editor be disable-able? Every time roblox updates I have to go into the files and delete it. I’ll never adopt it, it’s just a nuisance for my development until I can disable it permanently, and I dont think I’m alone on this.


I keep accidentally dragging my UI and its ruining hours of work when I don’t realize I did. Disable this already.